You are not reading the latest stable version of this documentation. If you want up-to-date information, please have a look at v1.6.

Upgrade of Scylla Operator

This pages describes Scylla Operator upgrade procedures.

v1.0.0 -> v1.1.0

During this update we will change probes and image for Scylla Operator. A new version brings an automation for upgrade of sidecar image, so a rolling restart of managed Scylla clusters is expected.

  1. Get name of StatefulSet managing Scylla Operator

    kubectl --namespace scylla-operator-system get sts --selector="control-plane=controller-manager"
    NAME                                 READY   AGE
    scylla-operator-controller-manager   1/1     95m
  2. Change probes and used container image by applying following patch:

          - name: manager
                path: /healthz
                port: 8080
                scheme: HTTP
              - httpGet
                path: /readyz
                port: 8080
                scheme: HTTP

    To apply above patch save it to file (operator-patch.yaml for example) and apply to Operator StatefulSet:

    kubectl -n scylla-operator-system patch sts scylla-operator-controller-manager --patch "$(cat operator-patch.yaml)"

v0.3.0 -> v1.0.0

Note: There’s an experimental migration procedure available here.

v0.3.0 used a very common name as a CRD kind (Cluster). In v1.0.0 this issue was solved by using less common kind which is easier to disambiguate. (ScyllaCluster). This change is backward incompatible, so Scylla cluster must be turned off and recreated from scratch. In case you need to preserve your data, refer to backup and restore guide.

  1. Get list of existing Scylla clusters

    kubectl -n scylla get
    NAME             AGE
    simple-cluster   30m
  2. Delete each one of them

    kubectl -n scylla delete simple-cluster
  3. Make sure you’re on v0.3.0 branch

    git checkout v0.3.0
  4. Delete existing CRD and Operator

    kubectl delete -f examples/generic/operator.yaml
  5. Checkout v1.0.0 version

    git checkout v1.0.0
  6. Install new CRD and Scylla Operator

    kubectl apply -f examples/common/operator.yaml
  7. Migrate your existing Scylla Cluster definition. Change apiVersion and kind from:

    kind: Cluster


    kind: ScyllaCluster
  8. Once your cluster definition is ready, use kubectl apply to install fresh Scylla cluster.